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5 Ways to Store Cold Pressed Oils for Longer Life

Cold-pressed oils need to be stored carefully; this can help them stay longer. If the oil is stored correctly, it can last for a longer duration, but if they are stored inappropriately, it can turn rancid, even before the expiry date of the oil.

If you want to keep your cold-pressed oil for a longer duration, then here we have something for you. This article will assist you to comprehend the paths that can benefit you by giving your cold-pressed oil a longer life.

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Here are the top 5 tips to store Cold Pressed Oils

  • Store Cold-Pressed oils in a cool and dark place If you want to keep your oil for a more extended period, store it in a cool and dark place. You can always try to keep it in the dark pantry and cupboard. Storing the cold-pressed oil in a cool and dark place helps prevent oil from turning rancid.
  • Store Cold-Pressed oils in a right temperature If you want to give your cold-pressed a longer life, try to forgo storing it at the place where it can get damaged. You must keep in mind that frequent changes in temperature or storing it in the sunlight can deteriorate the oil and make it foul.
  • Check Expiry Date of Cold-Pressed oils Always keep an eye on the date of oil expiry, and you should be aware of the period for which it stays fresh. If your oil has turned rancid, you might feel the change in taste of the oil or smell. So, beware about the things to stay healthy.
  • Store Cold-Pressed oils in a Container Be careful about the container you choose to store the cold-pressed oils. If you haven't chosen the right container, it can lead to the easy and fast acidity of the oil. Make it a point that you don't store the cold-pressed oil in a container made from iron or copper. In addition to this, avoid keeping the oil in a plastic container.
  • Store Cold-Pressed oils in a dark glass bottle You can always think of storing the cold-pressed oils in a dark glass bottle that will help your oil from deteriorating. Make sure that the bottle’s cap is fitting that can prove effective in giving your cold-pressed oil longer life.


If you want to keep yourself healthy and fit, it is necessary to get the best products. Cold-pressed oils have high nutritional value, and including them in your diet can always give you a healthy life. You can order the organic cold-pressed oils from Muhana and check out the tips to store it for a longer time.