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7 Reasons Why Cold-Pressed Oils are a Better and Healthier Option?

The oils that are produced by the manual pressing of the oilseeds with the help of mortar and pestle are known as Cold-pressed oils. Cold-pressing is a way of preserving oil's nutritional content without using chemical solvents or exposing it to extremely low temperatures. Coconut, Groundnut, Safflower, Black Mustard and Sesame Cold Pressed oils are all made using this extraction procedure. You can find these organic cold pressed oils at

If we have a look at the data of the Food and Agriculture Organization and WHO, the average intake of oil of a person is between 100-150g, but the recommended intake should be between 20-30g in a day.

This suggests that the body requires five times more energy than it consumes. Oils are a necessary component of our diet. You need to be careful about the effects different types of oil have on the body. But the cold-pressed oils are a healthy alternative which is also known as Wood-Pressed Oil.

Reasons Why Cold-Pressed Oils are a Better and Healthier Option

Cold-pressed oil will significantly improve your overall quality of life.

  1. They are cholesterol-free.
  2. They are not refined, deodorised, or processed in any way.
  3. May aid in reducing inflammation and the prevention of heart disease.
  4. Ghanaian Standard Natural Oil there are no preservatives or chemicals in cold-pressed oils.
  5. The oils consist of natural oxidants in abundance.
  6. This could be good for your hair, skin, and nails.
  7. Nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich.

Why Choose Muhana Cold Pressed Oils?

Muhana is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cold Pressed oils in Thane, Mumbai. Our products are 100% organic and hygiene, as we believe in delivering healthy and quality products to our customers. According to researches, these oil have several health benefits because of its procedure of making. Learn more about making of Coldpressed oils here.

The cold-pressed oil we make is of great quality, ensuring that it is beneficial to all of the body's organs. Purchase safflower oil from Muhana to improve your food quality and live a healthy life.


If you want to keep your health up and live a healthy life, then do include the Cold Pressed Oils or Wood Pressed Oils in your diet. This will improve your body functioning. Muhana (Natural living) stands with you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this busy life and fast-moving world. These oils are fresh and rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants without the involvement of chemicals in the process.

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