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Cold-Pressed Vs Regular Oils - 3 Major Differences

There is a big misconception in the mind of people about the similarity between cold-pressed oils and regular oils, which is why people don't try to switch to cold-pressed oils and continue using regular oils in day-to-day life.

If you also think that both are similar and use regular oils in routine life, then this article is for you. This article will make sure that we understand the difference between the two and opt for the healthier option.

Read ahead to understand the difference between the Cold-Pressed vs Regular oils.

#1 Cold Pressed Oil Vs Regular Oil

The first main difference between the two is the process of manufacturing. If you look at the extraction process of Cold-pressed oils, they are extracted by crushing oil-bearing nuts by applying pressure. This is performed by inducing the use of a low heating method, which helps preserve the taste, aroma, and flavour of the oil. The primary motive behind this is that no excessive heat or compounds are utilized in the method. When it comes to regular oils, they are extracted by applying high temperatures, and chemical solvents are also used. This leads to a change in flavour and taste of the oil, making it unhealthy to use daily.

#2 Cold Pressed Oil Vs Regular Oil

The next difference between the two is nutritional value. Cold-pressed oils have high nutritional content because they are chemical-free. In addition to this, they are also effective in preventing chronic diseases and lessening the problem of cholesterol and blood pressure. Also, cold-pressed oils are not so healthy and they can always become the source of many health issues. They are the ones that can increase the risk of heart strokes and can cause heart attacks.

#3 Cold Pressed Oil Vs Regular Oil

To extend regular oils' shelf life and production capacity, they are hydrogenated and then treated with hazardous compounds. Cold-pressed oils have a shorter shelf life and produce an insignificant output because they are unfiltered and minimally ministered. This is why cold-pressed is richer than regular oils.


Nothing can stop you from living a healthy life if you stay mindful. After reading the article you must have understood the difference between the two, that can help you choose the better option. You can always order mineral rich cold-pressed oils from Muhana.