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Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil and Its Nutritional Values

There is no hidden fact that there are many cooking oils that are dominating the market. People are always wondering to know which oil is beneficial for their health. If we talk about cold-pressed groundnut oil then it has been a common cooking oil in South India for many years. It got replaced when there were refined oils. However, it is important to know that cold-pressed groundnut oil cannot be replaced in terms of health benefits Refined oils undergo chemical processes that destroy the natural ingredients of the groundnut oil. It is highly recommended to avoid the use of refined oils.

The best thing about groundnut oil is that it is extracted in a traditional way which makes it highly nutritious and healthy with all the nutrients intact. Cold-pressed groundnut oil has a high smoke point and it can be used for different purposes like deep frying and high-temperature cooking as well. Make sure to rely on Muhana to get natural ingredients and products.

Benefits of Using Groundnut Oil

There are numerous health benefits that you can access with the use of cold-pressed groundnut oil.

  • Groundnut oil is high in vitamin E. According to the sources, it was found that one tablespoon of groundnut oil consists of 11% of the daily intake of Vitamin E. We know that Vitamin E helps to perform several significant body functions and also acts as an antioxidant.
  • By using groundnut oil will help to decrease heart disease issues. Groundnut oil consists of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat which contributes to decreasing heart disease.
  • One of the biggest advantages of groundnut oil is that it helps to improve insulin sensitivity and can help to control the blood sugar levels in people who are struggling with diabetes.
  • This oil is recommended as it helps to control the higher cholesterol levels as well.

Nutritional Values of cold-pressed Groundnut Oil:

It is important to know about the nutritive value. You can access the following list of nutritional values in one tablespoon of groundnut oil.

Energy - 120 kcal
Fat - 14 grams
Vitamin E - 11% of the RDI
Vitamin K - 0.09 mg
Saturated fat - 2.3 grams
Polyunsaturated fat - 4.3 grams
Choline - 0.01 mg
Phytosterols - 27.9 mg
Tocopherol delta - 0.18 mg

Final Verdict

Unrefined cold-pressed groundnut oil which is also known as peanut oil can be easily extracted from the traditional wooden mill-Ghani or even chekku. Cold-pressed groundnut oil is widely used by people for its unique flavor. This oil adds a unique flavor to any food which is not present in the chemically processed refined oil.