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The daily dose of traditional goodness

Muhana (मुहाना)

Muhana (मुहाना) is the dream dreamt by a couple together, Vikram and his better half Geetanjali. Geetanjali is an entrepreneur who owns the premium Silver jewellery brand called Moha. Vikram comes from the design background and designs the digital side of everyday things.

Healthy lifestyle have always been the focus for both of them. The first step towards a healthy and fulfilling life is eating right. To eat right, one must use the right kind of ingredients especially those, which are used in cooking on a daily basis. As a part of this realization, the concept of Muhana was born.

Their goal is to bring the traditional goodness back to modern life.

The word Muhana (मुहाना) means Estuary in Hindi, which means that part of the mouth of a river where the rivers current meets the sea's tide. Muhana is that place where natural food will meet your health goals. To start with we introduce you to our Cold Pressed Oils.

Why Cold pressed (Wood pressed) Oils

Coldpressed oils are extracted by using the traditional Coldpressed method in a wooden mill (Lakdi Ghana / kachi ghani/ mara chekku) method. The oil is extracted at room temperature without any chemical processes. Traditional cold-pressed methods are highly nutritious and healthy. The oils are rich in essential antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties and have an absence of Trans-fatty acids, Cholesterol and Harmful chemicals.

Muhana (मुहाना) Process

Fresh Produce

Oil Seeds are brought from the best native sources

Sorting & Storing

The produce is cleaned and stored in utmost hygienic conditions


Seeds are cold-pressed under 30 degree Celsius

Filtered Naturally

Natural sedimentation is the best way to retain natural goodness.

Bottled to Order

The oil is packed in consumer-friendly and eco-friendly bottles

Dropping off

The oil is at your doorsteps, all set to cook tasty and healthy food