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Based on 72 reviews
Couldn’t get it.

Just because of wrong number, I didn’t received my order. I needed it urgently and suffered greatly due this inconvenience. Work better on this issue.

Cold Pressed Safflower Oil (कुसुम / करडई)

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (तिल)

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (नारियल)

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (मूँगफली)

Really superb quality

Real and fresh groundnut cold pressed oil. Really superb quality!

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (मूँगफली)

Amazing oil

Groundnut oil is so flavourful that whatever I cook in this oil makes the dish flavourful and delicious. I have tried pohA, curries and lots of other dishes that have turned up very nice and am not perplexed also about the quality as it has come from a very genuine source. So 5 stars for your genuine effort and lovely product. Thanks

Regular customer - benefits


I am regularly buying ground oil from you. I would request you to consider giving regular customer some benefits in form of discount/free shipping .


Hello Mam,
We have rewards program which offers discount on your future purchases.
All you need to do is to register and login yourself as a customer. Then with every purchase you get reward points which can be redeemed for the discounts you need.
I hope this will solve your query.
Always happy to serve you.
Team Muhana

Organic and authentic oil

Very best and healthy oil for cooking

Value Pack of 5 (each 500 ml)
Pradeep Khot

We used coconut oil earlier and it was good. From this pack we tried mustard and Kardai oil and it is good to. Nice product.

Value Pack of 5 (each 500 ml)
Preetam Satardekar
Value pack of 5

This is some different and unique Diwali gift

Even My granny would love it.

It’s quite difficult to satisfy the elderly people, especially who are from 1940’s. They have seen English raj, they have taken pride in the independence and they have seen a life in purity. “In our times…..” is the most common starting line when it comes to any product or incidence or quality. I have rarely seen my mother (77 years) praising something in recent times.
Muhana is an exception. She went gaga over the quality of product. I don’t understand any part of cooking except eating the final product, but one thing I also noticed was the texture and smell of anything cooked in Muhana was exceptional. An excellent product which delivers lip smacking cuisine. Since we hail from Sindhudurg, our main comparison was with coconut and groundnut oil that we used earlier and Muhana products. And my mother has given a rating of 5 out of 5 for both. We also used the Mustard oil and the outcome was absolutely fantastic.
I also loved the packaging. It’s visually appealing. Just feels nice to even look at the bottle and hold it in hand. Overall, It’s lovely. प्यार से बनाया है मुहाना को. I highly recommend you to try at least once. And I am sure you will not turn to anything else.

Cold Pressed Safflower Oil (कुसुम / करडई)

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (नारियल)

A Big... big.. big.. and big yes to Muhana.

तेल हा बहुआयामी घटक आहे आणि प्रत्येक प्रादेशिक अन्न पद्धतीचा तो हुकमी घटक आहे. उदा. कोकण आणि दक्षिण भारतात खोबऱ्याचं तेल वापरतात. आपल्या घाटावर शेंगदाण्याचे तेल वापरतात. पंजाब, काश्मीर आणि बंगाल मध्ये मोहरीच्या तेलाचा वापर होतो. ही तेलं पदार्थाचा प्रादेशिक स्वाद वाढवतात. उदा. काश्मिरी दम आलू मोहरीच्या तेलात केला तर फार अफलातून लागतो. मासे खोबरेल तेलात परतले तर फार भारी लागतात. तामिळी पदार्थ तिळाच्या तेलात सुंदर लागतात. आपल्या चटण्या शेंगदाणा तेलात स्वादिष्ट लागतात. पण ती चव अंगवळणी पाडावी लागते. सगळ्यांना ती आवडेलच असं नाही आणि हीच गोम तेल कंपन्यांनी हेरली आणि बिन वासाचे सूर्यफुल तेल किंवा राइस ब्रान तेल पाम तेलाबरोबर बाजारात आणले.
पण मी आजही फ्लेवर असणाऱ्या तेलांच्या प्रेमात आहे. जो तो प्रादेशिक पदार्थ त्याच तेलात करावा याबद्दल आग्रही! आणि अशात "मुहाना" चा खजिना हाती लागला तर क्या बात है! आज मुहानाच्या खोबरेल तेलात माझा अत्यंत आवडीचा पदार्थ चिकन फ्राय (मालवणी पद्धतीनं) केला होता. तेल रिफाईंड नसल्यामुळे त्याची पुरेपूर चव कळत होती. पण तेल कुठेही स्वत:ची स्निग्धता लादत नव्हती.

ताट चाटून पुसून साफ केलं

Muhana च्या Cold-pressed म्हणजेच लाकडी घाण्याच्या नारळाच्या तेलात बनवलेलं रायतं! Awesome Product

You can prepare your every taste in these oils...

केवळ एकच पदार्थ ह्यात केला असं नसून मी आणि चेतन सध्या स्वयंपाकासाठी MUHANA चं तेल वापरत आहोत... त्याची चव तर उत्तम आहेच, शिवाय तीळ, शेंगदाणा, करडई, नारळ अशा विविध चवी त्यात उपलब्ध आहेत.

Tried, Tested & Loved!

Tried various flavours of Muhana Cold pressed oil in different recipies, honestly we loved the aroma and its rich texture, it enhanced the flavour of the food though. Shape of bottles and easy to pour nozzle is amazing. Thank you Muhana for leading me towards healthy lifestyle!
Many more orders on your way dear...😊
In the pic- Tempting Khichadi with Muhana Coconut Oil❤️

Fabulous Product

Very light to use in every vegetable on a daily basis. It’s not only tasty but nutritious and healthy to use. I’m glad I tried this fabulous product from Muhana . Highly recommend!

One of the best Mustard Oils , Must have !!

I’m usually very fond of making vegetables in Mustard oil, but this mustard oil has become my favourite. The flavour and aroma that it gives is just amazing and is very light in consistency aswell. I would highly recommend this product as a must have in every household.

आज, tiffin ला फरसबीची भाजी केली. आमच्या घरी उडिपी मठात करतात तशी भाजी आवडते. त्याला खोबरेल तेलच हवे. मुहानाचे खोबरेल तेल authentic आहे. कडीपत्ता, उडीद डाळ, मोहरी याची फोडणी खोबरेल तेलात केली तर इतका छान सुंगध पसरतो की भूक चाळावते. Thank you तुमच्यामुळे authentic खोबरेल तेल मिळाले.

अप्रतिम तेल

काल मेथीची गोळा भाजी केली. त्यात वरुन लसूण आणि शेगंदाण्याची चरचरीत फोडणी शिवाय मजा नाही. मुहानाचे भुईमूग तेलाची चरचरीत फोडणी घालतानाचा खरपूस वास शेजार्‍यांना पण सांगून गेला. अप्रतिम तेल आहे. फोडणी घातल्यावर वास दरवळत राहतो.