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Cold Pressed Black Mustard Oil (मोहरी / सरसों)

Rs. 390.00Rs. 480.00

Black Mustard oil (मोहरी / सरसों) has been used by the people of the Indian Subcontinent for many millennia, it is used in cooking, for preparing pickles and for other therapeutic purposes. Muhana’s cold pressed black mustard oil is produced by extracting the oil directly form the mustard seeds, via traditional cold press method.

This method involves crushing of seeds either through woodblock leads to the release of oils by the pressure applied on the seeds. The cold press method is a traditional and safe process to extract oil, as very low heat is generated in extraction process, preserving and keeping intact all nutrient content of the black mustard oil that is usually burned away due to modern refining techniques.

The oil seeds are organically sourced and after being crushed and extracted, the oil is kept for few days for the sediments to get settled, the result is the cold pressed black mustard oil, that is full of nutrition.

Benefits of consuming cold pressed Mustard Oils:

  • The organic black mustard oil has therapeutic as well as culinary uses. The oil has a low carbon footprint on the ecology as from farming to production all natural forces are utilized without putting strain on the farmer and the environment, providing a quality product to the consumer.

  • Free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial additives, Muhana’s cold pressed black mustard oil is beneficial for your heart, nervous system and health in general.

  • Unlike refined oils, that are generally added with 7 to 8 chemical preservatives, the organic black mustard oil extracted through ‘wooden ghani’ is said to boost immunity, combat viral infections and also aid in a host of other body ailments like joint pain, sprain and inflammation.

  • Organic Cold Pressed Black mustard oil is also beneficial for skin and hair and due to its organic composition and production via the cold press technique, it is healthy, nourishing and safe for consumption.


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Nutritional fact per 100 gm
Ingredients: Mustard Seeds

Energy 899 Kal
Carbohydrates NIL < 1 gm
NIL < 0.1 gm
Saturated Fat 22.3 gm
35.5 gm
PUFA 37.2 gm
Trans Fatty Acids
< 0.1 gm
Total Fats 99.9 gm

Cold Pressed Black Mustard Oil (मोहरी / सरसों)

Rs. 390.00Rs. 480.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great cold pressed oils

Divya Sarupria
One of the best Mustard Oils , Must have !!

I’m usually very fond of making vegetables in Mustard oil, but this mustard oil has become my favourite. The flavour and aroma that it gives is just amazing and is very light in consistency aswell. I would highly recommend this product as a must have in every household.

Meeta Bagwe
The cold pressed oils i ordered from Muhana

Thank you for your fabulous products. I orders the mustard oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. All the oils are the best i have used. Light in texture and taste....Thank you

Priyanka Soman

Used in mango pickele. Smell n taste of sarso, excellent. Yummy..

Mrinmayee Ranade
Must in every household

Evening snack becomes tangy with cold pressed Mustard oil from Muhana.
Roasted pohe, bhujiya sev, onion, tomato, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of this oil. Modest effort to reach the taste of Kolkata jhal muri. This oil is quite mild and gives a refreshing fragrance to dishes.